BS 10008

Case Study

Agenci and Arena Group partnership delivers end-to-end compliance alignment for BS10008 in the form of process certification and enablement technology.

Who are Arena Group

Arena Group specialises in hard copy and electronic document management. Arena Group provide the hardware, software, service and expertise that enables organisations to cut costs, improve efficiencies and become greener. They help business to copy, print, scan, distribute, archive and retrieve documents.

Arena Group Approach

Arena have developed the EDRMS system, mstore, which helps businesses to scan, organise, store and retrieve documents electronically. It easily integrates with bespoke and industry-specific software including common packages for accountinglegal case management, HR, student records.

Arena Group Challenge

To ensure the information security and regulatory compliance of the mstore solution.

Agenci Solution

Agenci delivered a review of the store solution against BS10008. Agenci’s Managing Director, Gary Hibberd, comments; “following a review of mstore, we can confirm that it is aligned with BS10008 and, used in accordance with certified policies and processes, it can effectively enable compliance with the standard.”

Arena’s General Manager, Neil Maude, comments; “Agenci adds value to our offering in that we now have a trusted advisor to whom we can direct customers who are looking for specialist expertise in the area of compliance, and peace of mind that their new policies comply with BS10008.”

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