Business Continuity White Paper

Are you ready for winter?

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ABSTRACT: When approaching Business Continuity Management many organisations fall into the trap of preparing for ‘every scenario’. It is not uncommon to see BCM plans which have a separate page for fire, flood, bomb evacuation, virus, hacking event, telephony outages, black outs and other such events.

Whilst planning for every eventuality could be considered a useful exercise plans should be focused on events which are most likely to happen or can be categorised under one heading, e.g. ‘Loss of premises’.

However, there is one event in the UK which dominates headlines and conversations throughout the winter months – Snow. The risk of snow occurring is ever present and no matter how forewarned we are, the country still manages to be in a state of shock when it arrives.

This paper offers a few words of advice and guidance to the reader so that they and their business might be better prepared for the winter months and the highly predictable bad weather that will be upon us, as it is every year during the winter months.