What is Business Continuity?

Life has a funny way of throwing us the odd ‘curve ball’ now and then, so knowing what to do when this happens is vitally important. But in business this is essential.

When a major incident occurs you need to know:

  • What your role is;
  • Who needs to be involved in the recovery;
  • Who should be informed;
  • What needs to be recovered;
  • Where you will recover to;
  • What steps to take;
  • How you’ll protect your business and your clients reputation;

Why should I care about Business Continuity?

Risks from fire, bad weather (floods, snow, storms etc), theft, pandemics, power outages, flood, fire, virus, hackers and terrorist attacks are real and present dangers so the chances are that your business will be (or already has been) affected by a Business Continuity related incident.

Your ability to respond and recover if (and when) this happens to you will be determined by how well you have planned for it and what Business Continuity plans you have in place.

Not having a plan BEFORE it happens means;

  • You will lose money
  • Your  response will be slower
  • Your competitors will recover before you
  • You will lose market value/shares
  • Your staff will be demoralised (as they have to deal with irate and unhappy customers)
  • Your reputation and relationship with current clients will be severely tarnished

ISO 22301

The international standard for Business Continuity is ISO22301. Agenci provide implementation and certification of ISO22301.

Business Continuity Review

Many of our clients approach us to review the operational effectiveness of their business continuity plans. We create business continuity plans that meet the requirements of our clients and our clients clients.

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