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BS 10012

This British Standard is intended to help organisations looking for a simple way to demonstrate they are doing all they can to comply with the GDPR.

BS 10012 provides assurances that you have put security processes in place centred around people, premises, processes, systems and suppliers. The standard helps you demonstrate compliance with GDPR unlike any other standard or framework around and has detailed requirements regarding evidence of consent, how you satisfy the rights of data subjects, what the processes are for managing a data breach and how you inform data subjects about processing their data.

It is applicable to organisations of all sizes, and we have developed tools and processes to provide you with a clear view of your GDPR compliance, and a roadmap to help you stay on course with the Regulation, with a structured approach to help reduce time and cost.

bespoke service

Delivered with a human touch and tailored to you.

comprehensive assessment

Of your business’s networks, systems and controls.

clear guidance

On how to shore up your security framework.

unrivalled expertise

From specialists with years of industry experience.

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With our detailed knowledge of both the GDPR and ISO27001 we are able to remove complexity, reduce waste and improve efficiency in implementing BS 10012. If you are already ISO27001 certified, then we can help you see how this fits into the overall framework, thereby ensuring you maximise the benefits of your current standards.

From Gap Analysis, through to building your Personal Information Management System (PIMS), and on towards becoming fully BS10012 certified, we can be there every step of the journey and ensure that you don’t get lost in the process.

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Benefits of BS 10012 Consultancy

  • Demonstrate compliance. Detailed processes and procedures help you evidence compliance like no other standard.
  • Remove complexity. Our experienced consultants tailor everything to your business making compliance as simple as possible.


  • Gain competitive advantage. Win new business by demonstrating that you take GDPR seriously.
  • Achieve peace of mind. Expert guidance gives you confidence that you are compliant, and your bespoke roadmap keeps you on track.