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This standard focuses not only on the technical aspects of information security (laptops, servers etc), but focuses on; people, premises, processes, systems and suppliers.

ISO 27001 is the International Standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), which many large organisations are now expecting to see in place, including within their supply chain.

Having it in place is often a pre-requisite in the tender process, so it could help you win new business and create a competitive advantage. It will most certainly help you demonstrate compliance to regulations like the GDPR, as well as helping you build trust with your customers and suppliers, as your processes are continually assessed and improved.

The standard is broad, with a very detailed set of 114 controls it expects you to consider. This is why we focus on making everything as bespoke and simple as possible.

bespoke service

Delivered with a human touch and tailored to you.

comprehensive assessment

Of your business through people, premises, processes, systems and suppliers.

clear guidance

That is easy to understand and to implement.

unrivalled expertise

From specialists with years of industry experience.

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Our consultants have a wealth of experience in designing, developing and managing security compliance programmes for the ISO27001 standard.

We remove the complexity of the management system and make it real, and tangible so that the result is a security framework that works for you, not against you.

From Gap Analysis, through to building your ISMS, and on towards the full ISO 27001 certification, we can be there every step of the journey (if you need us to be), so that you don’t lose your way

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Benefits of ISO 27001 consultancy

  • Gain competitive advantage. Win new business by demonstrating that you take data protection and the threat of cyber crime seriously.
  • Become cost-effective. Our experience means we can build ISMS quickly, without the fuss, in a way that works for you and your organisation.


  • Achieve simplicity. Remove the confusion associated with the ISO 27001 standard and be sure that the processes you have in place adhere to the 114 controls outlined in the standard.