GDPR certification

Say ‘hello’ to GDPR compliance

When it comes to the tools for GDPR certification* these are the go to choice of the Certified GDPR Practitioner.


Super Carbon Vision HD Display

Output in ‘Tru Colour’ to any compatible device giving breath taking real life imagery constrained only by your imagination and creative ability.

‘Business End Technology’

‘Business End Technology’ means  you B.E.T you can get straight to the point and immediately start capturing GDPR compliant information.

Article 17

Security by design with Article 17 provided across the entire range.

Splash Proof, Water Resistant, Space Capable

Our design can be used in the most taxing of environments from the outer reaches of space and zero G to a mild downpour and drizzle.

Fully compliant

From the EU ‘Cookie Law’ to Y2K all aspects of compliance are built in from the ground up.

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GDPR Right to Erasure

Article 17 technology in focus


GDPR compliant pencil

GDPR compliance all of a blur?

GDPR certification pencil

B.E.T: get straight to the point.


GDPR Certificaiton Tools