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A is for... Acceptable use policy

Hands up who has one of these? Keep your hand raised if it’s been reviewed in the last 12 months. And keep that hand in the air if you’ve reminded your staff of this policy recently.

So I may have lost most if not all of you in those 3 questions but fear not. For those still with their hand in the air let’s go for the 2 bonus questions.

  1. When did you last audit your staff for compliance to this policy?
  2. Did you work with your business teams to ensure the policy was written with everyone in mind... don’t answer that right away, read on.


Planes, trains and automobiles

It’s interesting that our office space has broken past its physical barriers. No longer confined to the one location, we now find ourselves spread out working from home; coffee shops; airports; train stations; service stations and all manner of public environments.

So what does your policy say about all this?

When staff work from home, who can see over their shoulder? Do their partners or flatmates have the same background checks? Probably not.

What about taking calls on trains or other enclosed public spaces, who can listen in? How much information (personal or other) are you giving out to your fellow passengers?

And let’s not forget about those who commute and use their large screen laptops (and even small screen tablets/phones) to update slides or respond to emails, etc. It’s amusing what I can find out about your business finances just by being seated near you. And please stop leaving them at your seat/table as you wander down to the buffet car - worse still when you leave them unlocked.

Hopefully by now I’ve got you thinking about some changes you might want to be making. And if you’re still wondering what to do then why not give us a call to see how Agenci can help on 0845 4133 666.

To those of you who have all the above covered, well done.

To the large number of you on the 06:53 from Wakefield to London this morning, you may want to let your security officer know you’ve caused a data breach, particularly the person having the email exchange about a staff disciplinary. Have you ever considered a privacy/black-out screen? #justsaying

Written by Lee Scorey, senior consultant at Agenci