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Are you on track to a secure world?

Staying safe on the move.

Are you amazed at what goes on, on trains!

How people treat them as an extension to their office?



In 2019 I’ve been using trains on almost a weekly basis. Wherever I sit I see the same thing: laptops visible, mobile phone screens visible, camera piece on the laptop with no protection. And then there are the people, you know them! Openly having conversations about topics that are clearly business sensitive – why people!!

We live in a world where we must protect personal data, and follow appropriate information security practices. Please don’t say you were not aware of this. Every day we see messages in the news and on social media… some examples being:

  • GDPR – “Giving Data Proper Respect” – ok General Data Protection Regulation
  • Cyber Security/Information Security – ISO 27001
  • Your own organisation will have sent messages promoting awareness training around data protection and information security

so … why are people not practising what they are being advised to do?

See this picture! – it’s about 2 months old and this laptop was left unlocked whilst the lady went away – she was gone for almost 10 minutes – I could clearly see who she worked for (a public sector organisation).


There are some straight-forward practical things you can be doing to protect your privacy on your journey:


  • Privacy screen for both your laptop and your work mobile phone. Get your organisation to provide you with one. If your organisation takes information security at all seriously and they want you work on a train, then they need to provide you with privacy screens. If not, tell them you can’t work on the train as it is not secure.
  • Camera cover – simple device that you can slide open/closed – you never know who could be looking!
  • Your mouth – what you say! Be aware of your surroundings, trust me people are stuck on a train for possibly a few hours, they will be bored and sound carries. This applies to you talking on your phone or talking to your colleague sat next to you. The people around you are a reluctant captive audience and can’t help being drawn to your conversation. Trust me, the juicier the topic, the better they will listen, retain and mention what they heard to other people. Ha – I relay what I hear on trains regularly!


Now I am not sure if it is coincidence or if it’s the times I get the train, but I have noticed that ‘public sector’ individuals are terrible at safeguarding their assets/chatting away on trains – I won’t name and shame them but it’s as though that sector didn’t get the memo?

So, in conclusion, you wouldn’t want your bank talking about your personal details or having your bank details visible on someone’s laptop on a train?  Think about what assets you are using on your train journeys and protect them. Don’t talk about sensitive topics on your journey – it can wait surely?


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