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Argh! I can’t help looking…

Are you like me?  Do you try NOT to look… but you can’t help taking a little ‘sneaky peek’?!  I’m talking about Privacy Notices on other people’s websites of course!

For me, gone are the days of surfing a website purely looking for things to buy – instead when I pop onto a website the 1st thing I do is check the small print at the bottom of the page in the hope of finding 2 words – Privacy Notice.

If I can’t see it, then I seem to forget about the real reason why I am on the website – to shop! – and go off on a mission looking around the whole site trying to pin it down!

If it is there, “A-ha” I cry and go straight to it, to check it has been GDPRified (Yes, I’ve just created that word!)

It is quite surprising circa 6 months on that there are lots of websites out there that either don’t have it or refer to DPA 1998.

The output for me now when I don’t see a satisfactory Privacy Notice, is to make me re-assess the Company I am looking at and thinking do I really want to shop there?  They clearly don’t have safeguarding my Personal Data high on their agenda if they can’t even publish something that is up to date to reflect the Data Protection climate we live in today.  

Has this now changed your shopping habit? Will you spend a little more time looking around the website doing your own due diligence checks?

As a minimum we recommend the following subject headers being added with appropriate wording on behalf of your Organisation:

  • Data Controller (Article 13 - 1a, 1b);
  • What Data is being collected and processed?  (Article 13 - 1c, 1d, 2e);
  • How long will the Data be stored for?  (Article 13 - 2a);
  • Sharing of Data with other Data Controllers/Processors (Article 13 – 1e, 1f);
  • Subject Access Requests (Article 13 – 2b, 2f);
  • Withdrawing Consent (Article 13 – 2c);
  • Right to Complain (Article 13 – 2d);
  • Links to other Third-Party websites;
  • Changes to the Privacy Policy.

Need help?

If you want assistance in devising a Privacy Notice for your website or anything else GDPR related, then why not have a chat with The Agenci and we can look to work with you through the process.

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