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GDPR - the benefits

In the run up to 25th May it was easy to forget what GDPR is all about; building trust in the way we manage data.

I think we would all agree that trust is an important thing in any relationship, but in business relationships it is easy to say but not so easy to demonstrate.

Whilst many organisations were complaining about the administrative burden that the GDPR brings (and it does), the organisations we were working with all approached the topic with a sense of optimism (and a little trepidation of course). This is because we explored all the advantages that GDPR brings, such as:

Lawfulness, fairness and transparency – An opportunity to review working practices and procedures, thereby removing poor working processes and increasing productivity.

Purpose Limitation – Review of working practices, removing waste and identifying areas of improvement (service improvements).

Data Minimisation – An opportunity to rationalise the collection of data and reduce the amount of information taken, thereby reducing administrative costs.

Data Accuracy – An opportunity to have a conversation with clients to ensure their information is up to date which led to increased client engagement.

Storage Limitation – Reviewing the amount of data stored and reduce digital and physical data stores thereby leading to reduction of costs.

Integrity and Confidentiality – An opportunity to revisit supplier contracts and ensure data is being managed effectively/securely, which lead to an opportunity to renegotiate contracts and reduce spending.

Now we’re not saying that it was easy, and we’re not saying there weren’t challenges to surmount. But the benefits of the GDPR are there if you’re willing to explore them. The negatives surrounding the GDPR have been well publicised, so maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at how you can benefit from a regulation that everyone is talking about?