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GDPR – your data diet plan

Hands up who loves being on a diet plan!? Do you have your hand up? No?!

When was the last time you started your diet plan, only to give up one or two days into it? Or have you listened to the advice of a friend about the latest ‘must-do-diet-quick-fix’? Starting down the road only to find that it really isn’t suitable for you or just doesn’t work. Putting it simply; quick-fix-diet-plans don’t work. What you need is to approach the issue differently.

Firstly review where you are today. What does your diet look like now? Good? Bad? You can’t improve what you don’t measure so identifying all the bad habits means you can improve on them.

Next you need to write a diet plan. Not having a plan is like knowing your destination but you don’t have a route map to it.  Your plan should be broken down into manageable chunks with milestones and even points to celebrate your (small) successes.  Having a diet maintenance plan will also ensure that you keep on track and can go on to become healthier in all areas.

Finally, involve others. As the saying goes, no man (or woman) is an island. Your diet plan will stand a greater chance of success if you involve your colleagues and seek their help.  Build a team around you who can advise on your diet plan, because each will bring a different perspective and perhaps wisdom to it.

So what has this to do with GDPR?

Go back to the start and read this again, but replace the word ‘diet’ for GDPR.