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I Spy Free WiFi

WiFi connections aren’t always secure connections.

It is getting to the point that Wifi is now like Oxygen, a basic human right. At least that is how many feel about it. If you can't get on line, life may as well be over. How many cafes, pubs, hotels and places that want you to gather socially offer FREE WIFI. In big bold letters and often more prominent than their main stay goods and services.
So you are on the train, in the coffee shop, at the hotel and you absolutely need to connect and get on line. You search for the free wifi, pop in the code and off you go.

Free Wifi at a Cost

How secure do you think that free wifi is? Is it even the free wifi that you think it is?
Criminals can listen in to your free WiFi connection
Criminals may well 'be' your free WiFi
At this point they can see everything you can see. They can access your accounts. They can access your data.

Top 3 Tips for Free WiFi

The top tips for getting on line over Free Wifi

  1. If you must do it - avoid sites that require you to log in. Browse information only. No logging in anywhere.
  2. Use your mobile device by tethering or invest in a WiFi dongle
  3. Use VPN technology - a simple technical solution we will cover in a future blog.

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ISO 27001 WiFi Security

So what does ISO 27001 have to say about WiFi security and what should business be doing and advising. Well ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security. It is an information security management system. Part of it looks at how we would safely use WiFi

Basically - don't use them for business critical services.

Wireless networks require special treatment due to the poorly defined network perimeter. For sensitive environments, consideration should be made to treat all wireless access as external connections and to segregate this access from internal networks until the access has passed through a gateway. Special controls should be implemented for data passing over public networks or over wireless networks and to protect the connected systems and applications (see Clause 10 and 13.2).

ISO 27001 Policy Document WiFi Security

Having an ISO 27001 policy document that covers how you will plan WiFi networks and public networks is your first step. Implementing ISO 27001 and gaining ISO 27001 certification is becoming a must have for business. ISO 27001 certification is quick, simple and affordable and we are here to provide you the essential protection of your data in a low impact, pain free approach.