Sharing is Caring

Remember: Care about what you share

There are many events that happen in life that get us excited. From birthdays to Christmas to our annual holidays. When we are excited we like to share our excitement and share our good news. Which could be bad news if the bad guys are watching you.

Sometimes Caring Isn’t Sharing

Follow these simple steps to protect yourself

Check your privacy settings.

Social media sites all include settings that allow you to restrict who can see what you post. Consider changing it so that only friends and connections can see your posts. Do your posts really need to be public?

Think before you share.

Think about the information you’re sharing on social media about your holiday plans. Do you really want people you don’t know to know when you will not be at home?

Think before you click.

We’re so used to sharing pictures of things we do (and eat) on Social Media that we might forget that posting pictures of our gifts, including games consoles, pandora bracelets and new clothes might not be the best idea. You’re advertising to the world all these new shiny things and the world is watching!

It’s good to talk.

If you’re planning on going on a trip then tell your neighbours. Ask them to keep an eye on your house and that you’ll not be home for a while. This has the added benefit of giving you a perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbours.


If you are planning on taking a trip you can buy inexpensive devices which will turn on lamps at pre-set times around your home. This gives the appearance that you are home. You can plug a few in and make sure your home looks occupied even when you are out.

There’s nothing wrong with being excited and it is good to share but make sure you are only sharing with the one’s you love.

ISO 27001 Third Party Audit

In business we should be wary of what we share and who we share it with. Not only does it make good business sense, in some cases it is a legal and regulatory requirement. It is rare that any business can deliver everything to a client without some help. Whether that is using an outsourced IT company, a cleaning service, someone to provide your phones, a courier or even some one to provide your work force. ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security. It is an informations security management system and part of the standard asks you to look at who you share your data with, how and when and to ensure controls are in place. Having an ISO 27001 policy document that covers how you will share data with suppliers and third parties is a great first step.

ISO 27001 A.15 Supplier relationships

The ISO 27001 standard covers supplier relationships in section A.15. It looks specifically at Information Security in ISO 27001 A.15.1 Information security in supplier relationships.It sets out the very positive objective to ensure protection of the business assets that is accessible by suppliers. Makes sense right? You want to protect what you have.

Implementing ISO 27001 and gaining ISO 27001 certification is becoming a must have for business. ISO 27001 certification is quick, simple and affordable and we are here to provide you the essential protection of your data in a low impact, pain free approach.


ISO 27001 caring sharing