The gift of Cyber Security Education

Children are the future.

Give your kids the gift of education and knowledge

Education is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children. Give it freely.

Consider these 2 questions

  • How many children do you know that DO NOT have an iPad?

I bet the answer is not many, if any at all.

There is a generation coming through now where they can use an iPad before they can speak.

  • How many children do you know with an xBox, Playstation – game machine of choice – playing on line in their bedrooms?

I bet the answer is most boys you know and a fair number of girls.

What are these children doing on line?

Chances are you have no idea. Giving them a simple education will help protect them and protect you.

Top Tips for Eduction

  • Speak to your child’s school about their anti bullying policy

Schools have anti bullying policies, education and procedures and these often, if not always, include cyber bullying. Understand the schools message and reinforce this at home.

  • Speak to your child’s school about their safe internet education approach

Schools have programs for children aimed at safe internet usage. Speak to your school about what education they are providing to your children and help to reinforce this at home.

  • Spend time with your child online

Spend time on line understanding what they are doing, what they are viewing and who they are communicating with. Get them to explain to you who each of their online contacts is in real life and how they know them. Show them how to block contacts and actively remove contacts you find suspicious. If you are unsure ask for the name of the adult / parent of your child’s contact and seek to speak to them in person.

There is further advice here on the Government website: 

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ISO 27001 Education and awareness

Your company will have an ISO 27001 policy document that looks at education, awareness and ISO 27001 training. The standard has section A.7.2.2 that relates to Information security awareness, education and training. It states in the control that ‘All employees of the business and, where relevant, contractors shall receive appropriate awareness education and training and regular updates in organisational policies and procedures, as relevant for their job function.’ Make sure your company is keeping you up to date on Cyber Security. Ask if your company has ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 education