It’s Christmas time. There ARE reasons to be afraid.

It’s that time of year when there is a temptation to have a ‘few drinks’ after the working day, to celebrate the festive season and enjoy a little ‘merriment’ at the office Christmas party! But be warned…

…There are Christmas Spooks’ that are out to spoil your festive cheer! And I’m not talking about the Ghosts of Christmas past, present or future!  These spooks are looking to make your Christmas a miserable affair, so take our advice, don’t get caught out, and you’ll stay safe this year.

1.     We’ve already seen ‘Black Friday’ and gone through ‘Cyber Monday’, but be careful of online scams and bogus offers of deals which look to good to be true. Criminals work harder than Santa’s elves at Christmas, but they won’t leave you anything nice to play with on Christmas morning! If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

2.     In a digital age many of us won’t leave our work behind when we head for the bar for a festive tipple. Smart phones, iPads and laptops are likely to contain our work contacts at the very least and, in some cases, may store even more confidential information.  Theft of mobile phones and laptops increase dramatically during this festive season (and loss and breakages also increase!). So if you have a designated driver, ask them to be your designated cyber-sweep too! Before you leave the bar, ask them to check for left over devices! Or better still, don’t take them to the bar with you!

3.     Twitter, Facebook and alcohol don’t mix. Your Tweets or comments may seem witty after a few glasses, but you may embarrass or even offend. Would your clients/customers/suppliers be happy seeing something that portrays you in a negative light? This goes for photos too. You may be keen to share photos of your festive fun on Facebook but colleagues who over indulged won’t thank you. So be mindful of what you share. You might want to talk to your HR department about your Christmas party, and ask them to remind everyone that the Christmas party is an extension of work.

Christmas is a great time to catch up with friends and spread a little festive good will… just take steps to ensure you protect yourself online (and on the dance floor!) and you’ll have enough Christmas cheer to see you into 2019!

And just because it’s Christmas, I thought I’d share a little re-write of the Christmas classic … “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Enjoy 😊


“Do they CARE it’s Christmas?”

It’s Christmas time, and there’s some reason to be afraid
At Christmas time, we let in spam and our banks they raid

And in our world of Data, we can spread a smile of joy,

Throw your arms around your systems,

At Christmas time

But say a prayer, and pray for the other ones

At Christmas time, it’s hard but while your firewalls on,

There’s a world inside your Windows, and it’s a world of cyber fear

And the Christmas bells that ring there, are the sound from server rooms

Well tonight thank God it’s them and not O2!!

And there won’t be fun in a server room this Christmas time

The greatest gift they’ll get this year is time,


Where servers are a glow, all encrypted, no data flows

Do they care it’s Christmas time at all?!!!


So here’s to you, raise budgets for everyone.

Here’s to them all their data’s gone

Do they care it’s Christmas time at all?!!!

Feed your budget… Let them know you care about Data

Feed your budget… Let them know you care about Data

Feed your budget… Let them know you care about Data

(Repeat to fade)


Written by Gary Hibberd, Managing Director of Agenci.

Agenci Information Security is responsible for protecting businesses from cyber threats, cyber-attack, internal threats and business outages. Agenci Information Security ensures clients systems are secure and provide peace of mind through a range of proven specialist information security solutions.

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