Information Security can be a complex topic, and getting more complex by the day. Security breaches and cyber-attacks are a daily occurrence, and it’s not really a matter of ‘if’ a breach occurs, and it’s no longer a matter of ‘when’, it’s now become a matter of ‘how big?’

Added to the risks of data breaches is a changing Data Protection landscape, with new European laws surrounding Data Protection set to come into force on May 25th 2018.

What you need is a dedicated team of experts to manage your Security and Data protection risks.

Agenci are those experts.

Agenci offer a low cost, low risk option without the expense of a full time contracted member of staff. Utilising experienced and highly quali ed consultants with a breadth of proven industry experience, we will support your Information Security framework. From people to technology, we will help develop the policies, procedures and operations that will ensure that you prepare, prevent and protect against the potential issues a breach can bring.

We all need to be rethinking our approach to Information Security, and outsourcing your Security Management is the most cost-effective and pragmatic way of demonstrating that you are taking Data Protection seriously.

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We work in partnership with our clients to provide fully managed security services. Our collaborative security as a service approach is there for when you need Information Security resources but the cost of a full time team is prohibitive.

  • An Information Security Director in your company
  • Part of your team
  • A whole team of cyber experts
  • One low cost monthly fee
  • Complete Responsibility for delivering Risk Management, Information Security, Business Continuity & service improvement
  • Handles all security questions with clients, customers, suppliers
  • Less than the cost of one full time person

the Details

We each have over 20 years experience in information security. We help businesses meet the requirements of legal and regulatory compliance. We can compliment your internal capability with our experience to ensure that you are ready for the worlds security challenges.

Agenci provide a ‘Security Officer’ to businesses in critical roles around risk, audit, data, security and information management. A bespoke managed information security service with all the expertise your business needs without the full time member of staff.  This allows you access to a whole host of expertise that covers every aspect of information security to protect your business.

For a cost-effective monthly partnership, we deliver business focused and priortised services that cover Risk Management, Data Protection Management, Internal Audit, Information Security, Technical Security, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Third Party Assurance.

  • Low cost low risk option without the expense of a full time contracted member of staff
  • Experienced and highly qualified security officer with a breadth of proven industry experience
  • Managed processes, procedures and operations in place to protect your business, customers and shareholders
  • A member of your business and management team with your commercial interests as top priority
  • Further access to a team of relevant qualified and experienced professionals
  • Reduced risk of legal action, up to date expert advice and peace of mind

With a Managed Security Service in place your business is up to date and legally compliant under:

  • GDPR
  • Data Protection Act 1998 the law and standards applicable to the processing, storing and transmitting of personal data
  • PCI DSS payment card industry data security standard, the standards set down for the processing, storing and transmitting of card data
  • ISO 27001 (delivery to the framework for the risk based management of information security leading to industry certification)

Contact a member of the Agenci team to find out how a Managed Security Service can protect your business and provide a low cost option against risk.

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