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What are standards?

In life ‘Standards’ are a good thing.  We all have them.  From the choice of holiday to the kind of clothes we wear, standards allow us to clearly establish what is and what is not acceptable. Businesses can be certified to certain standards to prove their credibility in key businesses areas, such as; * Health and Safety (ISO18001) * Environment (ISO14001) * Quality (ISO9001) * Information Security (ISO27001) * Business Continuity (ISO22301) * Cyber Security (ISO27032) * PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) and many others.

Why should I care?

When selecting a business to work with or buy services/products from we need to establish what makes one better than another.  Being certified to any one of the standards previously mentioned demonstrates quickly and easily to potential clients and regulation authorities that you have achieved an agreed level of compliance in a given area (such as Information Security). In some cases you will be disqualified from working in certain sectors if you do not hold relevant certificates (e.g. ISO27001 (Information Security) is a prerequisite in government tenders).

Do I need these standards?

  • The simple answer is; No.
  • Do you need them all? No.
  • Should you go for all of them? No.

But you should at least understand what they are and how they can help you. Your competitors are asking themselves the same question and if they’re going for Certification then you WILL lose business to them. Ask yourself a simple question;

  • “Would I buy my product from a company that has no demonstrable standards in place? Or
  • “Would I buy from a company who has been externally assessed and achieved a pre-defined set of standards?”

Be honest. Which would you go for?

How can Agenci help me?

Agenci offer a range of cost effective and efficient services which help businesses improve their Business Continuity and Information Security processes and procedures, from simple health checks through to full project management and implementation.  Using internationally recognised standards (such as ISO22301 and ISO27001) Agenci are experienced in the field of of quality assurance and certification. If you’re interested in improving your business by driving down losses and improving productivity, then Agenci can help you achieve this.