BS 10008

Evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information

UK Premiere BS 10008 Company: 100% success

Agenci are one of the UK Premiere BS 10008 certification companies. With a 100% record of success we are a trusted partner and a safe pair of hands when it comes to BS 10008 certification. With years of experience, leading industry qualifications and testimonials Agenci have a 100 percent record of taking business through to BS 10008 certification.

What is BS 10008?

BS 10008 is the British Standard for “Evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information” which was introduced in 2008.

This standard outlines the specifies requirements for the implementation and operation of electronic information management systems, including the storage and transfer of information, and addresses issues relating to the authenticity and integrity of the information. These issues are important where the information might be used as evidence.

3 Simple Steps to BS 10008 Certification

  • Gap Analysis

    A review of the current systems and controls in place set against the standard of BS 10008. This provides a detailed report on next steps. The report includes a business prioritised and business specific action plan for compliance and certification.
  • Implementation

    The full implementation of the BS 10008 standard into your organisation including all the policies, documents and processes required to certify.  
  • Certification

    The full management of the certification process through to the UKAS accredited certification. We manage and deliver the entire process allowing you and your staff to concentrate on what you do best.

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What can BS 10008 do for me?

We know ‘data’ is getting bigger, but all companies have a historical problem with ‘data’, this problem is that it is usually in paper form.

Costs for storage and archiving of physical documents are on the increase with a typical Law firm spending between £30,000 to £100,000 per annum on the transfer, storage and management of physical records.

Moving to electronically held data (i.e the ‘Paperless Office’) can save a company ten’s of thousands per year by adopting this British Standard.

Certification to BS 10008 enables your business to move towards a paperless office – saving you thousands of pounds. It also ensures that your records can still be used as evidence, should the need arise. For Law firms, insurers, health organisations – this is imperative.

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