Agenci board of directors

Agenci board of Directors put people first. Our world may be cyber but our focus will always be people. The experience of the board is world class.

Agenci Board

Gary Hibberd

Managing Director

Gary Hibberd was appointed as Managing Director of Agenci in 2012. During his time at Agenci Gary has led the company through an extensive period of growth in revenue and profit. Gary authored books on cyber security, he won awards and Gary contributes to government initiatives on cyber security. Gary travels the globe speaking to pubic and private organisations on cyber security. He also finds time to speak in schools to inspire the next generation of cyber experts. An expert on GDPR and ISO 27001 and an absolute fitness fanatic.

Stuart Barker

Chief Executive

Stuart Barker founded Agenci 2010. Stuart found himself in a position to start the company after redundancy provided him a rare life opportunity coupled with a rather large redundancy cheque. He grasped the nettle and assembled an award winning team. Over 10 year’s working for global corporate machine GE grounded him the skills and experience needed. He now has over 20 years of industry and business experience. He has taken an idea and created an award winning business that employees and clients are proud of. Stuart has overseen a series of strategic expansion plans to take Agenci  to being a premier and goto trusted advisor on information security and cyber security.

David Riley


David Riley was promoted to technical director as a result of joining the Agenci family in 2015. Amongst his many achievements, David has built a world class penetration testing and technical security practice. He is an experienced and qualified Chief Information Security Officer and continues to take clients successfully through certifications such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.