Gary Hibberd

Executive Summary

Agenci appointed Gary Hibberd as Managing Director in 2012. Gary has a passion for all things cyber which was sparked in 1985 when he began his as a programmer. As a result of that passion Gary went on to become a renowned experienced practitioner on ISO 27001 and GDPR. Today Gary is a passionate practitioner and regular speaker on cyber security.

Gary Hibberd

Gary Hibberd Agenci

Cyber Security Speaker

If you would like to speak to Gary of to book Gary as a speaker for your event speak to a member of the team now on

03455 760 999

Gary covers a range of topics which include

  • cyber bullying
  • cyber stalking
  • how to be safe online
  • ‘The Dark Web’ – what it is and what is there
  • the future of our digital world
  • psychology of cyber criminals
  • tools and techniques used by cyber criminals
  • the good, bad and ugly side of our cyber universe

Gary has the rare skill of being involved in technology but also being entertaining and engaging. Gary Hibberd brings a topic which many see as boring to life.

Gary Hibberd speaks across the globe to both large and small business as well as private and public organisations. He loves to engage the next generation of cyber experts speaking in schools, colleges and universities. As part of his busy life Gary has authored books on cyber security and business continuity as well as contributing to government initiatives on cyber security and counter terrorism. If that wasn’t enough in his personal life Gary is an avid obstacle race participant and fitness fanatic. Gary can count the Worlds Longest Obstacle race amongst his many personal achievements.